Huanacaure Trek

We leave your hotel at 8:30 a.m., to travel for 20 km south of the city of Cusco, on a trip that will take us to the pass of Punacancha, where the route starts. From that point on, we´ll hike towards some granite rock formations which are part of the Sacred Mount Huanacaure. Then, we´ll keep on walking for another 45 minutes, along an ancient path, before we get to the Incan State´s first Sacred Temples built during the Inca Manco Qhapac´s Government, in the 12th century. This is the place where the Incas´ Myths of Origin were born.

According to both myths, Manco Qhapac sank his massive gold scepter, in that place, pointing towards the valley, which would convert itself into the center of the Incan civilization and capital of the Tahuantinsuyu (Great Incan State).

We return to Cusco, before lunchtime, to go to the Central Market; a traditional market, where we´ll have a better idea of daily life in Cusco. There, the stands display a bit of everything, from coca leaves, fresh vegetables, “ojotas” (Sandals), traditional clothes, meat, chicken, live ducks and “cuyes” (Guinea pigs), to exotic fruit and multitudes of products that are sold and even, exchanged, by means of the traditional trade system.



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