Experiential Tourism

As a live experience rural community tourism company, our main goal is that our hikers´ experience might generate a positive impact in the natural and human habitat we operate in.

That is why we apply sustainable tourism guidelines, as we consider that inclusive tourism creates fair trade opportunities for local populations, while it preserves their natural resources and environment.

So, Andean Lodges was conceived on the basis of the idea that local populations should be active agents in the company´s operations, to share their culture and natural resources with travelers, thus creating employment and improving their quality of life.

This is why the native communities of Chillca and Osefina are Andean Lodges´ partners and shareholders. Thanks to them and their authorization to use their land, it was possible to build four comfortable ecological mountain lodges, there.

Furthermore, in the aim of preserving their local culture, rituals and customs, these communities participate in our visitors´ experience, as they share their knowledge, myths, lifestyle and typical local products.

Thanks to responsible tourism, we help rescuing a series of local customs and traditions, such as:

Lama and Alpaca Shepherding

pastoreo-de-llamasThis ancient tradition was disappearing in the last decade, as a result of Andean rural populations migrating to cities, and introduction of modern means of transportation.

So, Andean Lodges´ project is rescuing traditional Andean transportation with lamas, to carry our visitors´ luggage and equipment, throughout our hiking programs, thus creating job opportunities for villagers who now work as muleteers and tourist attention staff, in the lodges.

Andean Textile Confection


The inhabitants of Chillca and Osefina have inherited an ancient and fine textile tradition, working with alpaca wool with singular techniques, designs and colors proceeding from natural dyes.

Lately, this ancestral activity was disappearing, due to the remote location of these villages, and to the fact that some traditional markets were replaced by new ones.

So, today, Andean Lodges offers its hikers the opportunity to learn a bit about the processes used to make these beautiful textiles, and the possibility to acquire them, directly from their producers´ hands.

Operational Training


Our native team is composed of members of these two communities, who are constantly upgrading their skills as guides, cooks, housekeepers, security guards and maintenance personnel, so that, in the near future, all hiking operations will be passed on to them.

The inhabitants of Chillca and Osefina are committed to their communities´ development, and they will astonish you, in each phase of the trip, by the dedication they put into sharing their culture and life experience with our hikers.


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