Local Culture

The Apu Ausangate’s pristine natural environment has been kept isolated from the Occidental world, which helped conserving its original local culture´s traditions, rituals and activities.

The Apu Ausangate possesses one of the most extreme climatic scenarios on Earth, in which agriculture is practically inexistent. So, its inhabitants have adapted to it by specializing in shepherding lamas and alpacas, as well as in trading food and handicraft products they transport across the surrounding mountains and valleys that lead to the jungle.

In addition, these communities have developed a beautiful and ancient textile tradition, elaborating handmade products with fine alpaca wool fiber, colored with natural dyes.

Today, these wonderful activities are in danger of disappearing, due to the introduction of new means of trading and transporting goods, as well as to the migration of villagers to cities, and to the imposition of new technologies which are threatening the existence of these communities.

But, thanks to your participation in our program, we will be able to save that ancestral heritage, and allow future generations to feel proud of what they are, as they go on preserving their authentic identity.


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