Andean Lodges offers a number of trekking programs and mountain activities, on the Apu Ausangate´s foothills, in a beautiful area, between 3,800 and 6,300 meters above sea level, which offers diverse Andean “puna” and high mountain ecosystems, with imposing landscapes shaped by different geographical and natural expressions ranging from “bofedal” wetlands and mountain deserts, to rocky peaks, glaciers, snow-capped mountain tops, grasslands, rivers and altitude lakes.

In this scenario, our lodges are situated along a route that has the privilege of being exclusive and private, just for our hikers. Therefore, we guarantee you an unforgettable experience that will transform your life, hiking between 4,200 and 5,200 m.a.s.l.

At Andean Lodges, we have designed a series of hiking alternatives, mountain climbing programs and activities, we assure you, will amaze you. So, we invite you to review the following list of programs:


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