Roger Valencia

Roger Valencia
Director until 2015


Many people of my generation have found in tourism the opportunity to get to know the different realities of a changing and globalized world.
After more than 32 years in that activity, I believe that glance towards the outside has allowed us to get integrated into that globalization, without losing our local identity, and thus, recognize ourselves as “Qosqo runas” or Cusco´s people, in a melting pot of peculiar identities, languages and ways of thinking, which I am proud to belong to.
This insight has shaped my character, with tolerance and respect for others, as well as with a deep desire to share our ancestors´ heritage, as well as our nature´s singular beauty.
In order to turn this into a tangible reality, I chose, among the so many professions at hand, to work in the tourist service industry, managing a travel agency, as well as in education and tourism management, as a university professor and President of Cusco´s Regional Tourism Chamber.
Today, after these years of learning and working, I feel proud of have been andean Lodge’s director Andean Lodges and the projects with the communities of Chillca and Osefina, as these represent our work´s motivating strength: The building of an inclusive and fair society.