Sacred Mountain


In the Andean worldview, the “Apu” is the Mountain Spirit which life depends upon, in the Andes. With its 6,372 m. above sea level, the Apu Ausangate is one of the highest mountains in Southern Peru, and is considered as Cusco´s Regional Tutelary Divinity.

Likewise, it is considered by local shepherding communities, as an “Omnipotent Shepherd” capable of giving and taking life, with the Power of Nature, because it is the Provider of water and life, as well as the home that shelters native communities that live on its foothills.

The Apu gives birth to the Vilcanota River which then deposits its waters in the gigantic Amazon River, and all along its course, it irrigates cities and inter-Andean valleys, giving numerous communities the opportunity to prosper, thanks to the growing of a wide range of vegetables and fruit.

Beautiful and imposing, the Apu welcomes offerings and shepherds´ pilgrimages, every year, as they travel along its ancient footpaths, on which we have developed our route and four lodges.


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