• Vision:

Be the Model Rural Community Tourism Company in Peru, that promotes fair trade and protects local ecosystems.


  • Mission:

At Andean Lodges, we offer an unforgettable mountain hiking and lodging experience, while generating sustainable development in the altitude communities of Chillca and Osefina.

In addition, we promote conservational and learning tourism that protects spiritual, human and social values, as well as local cultural identity.


  • Values:

  • Cultural Integration

At Andean Lodges, we work as partners with two native communities and other social groups, generating equal development opportunities for everyone.


  • Fair Trade

We work in favor of a fair distribution of benefits generated by natural resources and community members, as well as for that of their goods and services.


  • Conservation

We protect and stimulate the conservation of local ecosystems and landscapes, as well as that of our partner communities´ identity and cultural manifestations.


  • Innovation

We focus on positive and constant changes, offering new and better sustainable tourism alternatives, for our customers.


  • Excellency and Details

We maintain high standards in all our services, and strive to take care of all the small details that allow our customers to fully enjoy their experience.


  • Human Value

Sensitizing one another is a constant practice in our company, and it´s the basis of our work´s development.