Days are normally beautiful and the air is thin and briskly in the morning. Temperatures range from 32° to 75°F in the same day, and remember that we will be hiking in the hearth of the Andes. So, it could get cold, in a matter of minutes.

There are only two seasons, at this latitude: The dry and wet seasons, with plenty of rain and snow in higher elevations that last approximately from November to March.  This is why we normally operate only from April to October, when there are good chances for excellent weather, although occasional rain showers can occur, at any time of the year.

Round the year, temperatures in the Andes vary very little during daytime. But, there can be considerable changes between day and night time temperatures. During the dry-season (Our wintertime), temperatures often drop below freezing, at night, and although it can be quite warm and pleasant during the day, nights are very long and cold at that latitude, which allows for great overnight stays at our warm Andean Lodges.

  • Daytime maximum temperatures: Between 12C° / 54F° and 20 C° / 68F°
  • Minimum temperatures during the night: Between 5C° / 41F° and -5 C° / 23F°


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